Boondocking Menagerie #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Menagerie - Wikipedia

In 1255, Louis IX of France presented an elephant to Henry III of England to add to the menagerie of exotic animals he kept in the Tower of London. – Karen Maitland

In an isle of the rural,
Close enough to water.
Between the lines of the neutral,
I am supported and free to wander.
Eavesdropping into others vivarium,
Districts defined by man.
Backwards orrery planetarium,
Flashes in a pan.

Unprecedented shifts in the metropolitan,
The wildlands not so wild,
Delusions of the Batman,
While somehow mostly mild.
Those who are downtown,
Swagger and all.
Entertaining in a meltdown,
Chances of lasting ever small.

Woop woop in both locations,
Providence goes both ways.
A story good passed on over generations,
Or cities at the bleak of the end of days.
Diverse collections too vast,
Brush overlooming.
Is the melodramatic going to last?
Eating each other is not protruding.

In 20 years I want to look back and see a collection of crazy characters that I made – a menagerie. – Dan Fogler

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