Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 7)

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Stars shine in the small hole in the particle sky,

A rare sight that only now happened once a year.

Same as time, change pushes by,

Stop and appreciate things to leer.

Hiking into the desert,

Sands moves like something under is alive.

Naked and introvert,

Such a thought is contrive…

Crunching between the toes,

Dry material falling under his weight.

The winds in the distance bulldoze,

Blood veins remain strong at a normal pulse rate.

Lack of air would have killed any other vessel,

Immortals have to ability to ignore,

Advocate for the devil,

He screams out a mighty roar.

Everything looks the same,

Just like I wanted,

Rising projections to my aim,

I can run the length of the gauntlet.

Archways and the high ground,

Taking chances one step after another.

Something new to be found,

Unless the environment tends to smother?

Night to day,

Day to night,

Red planet’s ashtray,

For now, the journey was more of a blight.

Erosion hit any visible marked landmarks,

Mountains cracked into more than two.

Specific areas floated electrical sparks,

Others made him nauseous and spew.

Yellow rice substance in the ass crack,

It stung when he closed his eyes,

Resting in a hollow shack,

Half asleep; waiting for the next sunrise.

Still missing relevant energy

Legs bend to seat down in the middle of nowhere,

Applying the sensory,

Meditation was caught in his snare.

Reminded of that long sleep,

That familiar peace was calming. 

Easy and dirt cheap,

It was far from boring.

Consuming more carbon,

Just like iron to steel, endurance resulted in an alloy,

Feeling it in an organ,

Methods come to him to deploy.


Yoga is the art of stretching.

Tension designed to go to waste,

Posture positions bearing.

Springing back up,

All was good to go.

Belly hunger sound, “Yup”.

What he had consumed so far was low.

Tumbleweed symbolizes his lost,

Catus pointy is ripped open with bare hands.

Realizing this potential cost,

There was too much to really suss out within the lands.

Footprints are gone,

As soon as they were made.

Monoliths that seemly spawn,

Many more miles to the closest sight of shade.

W T F…

I must have been walking in circles.

Shot in the face with relief,

Embarrassed face turning purple.

Home for so long taken for granted,

Entering the familiar look and smell.

Neglecting massive seeds that were planted,

Power residing inside the ark shell.

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