T.H.C YOU IN HELL – EIGHTY-THREE (#SixWordStory #SuddenFiction #FlashPrompt)

A six word story written by Lee Sonogan

17 of the Most Memorable Cannabis and Weed Quotes of All Time –  HempireSEO.com

One’s condition on marijuana is always existential. One can feel the importance of each moment and how it is changing one. One feels one’s being, one becomes aware of the enormous apparatus of nothingness -—the hum of a hi-fi set, the emptiness of a pointless interruption, one becomes aware of the war between each of us, how the nothingness in each of us seeks to attack the being of others, how our being in turn is attacked by the nothingness in others. — Norman Mailer

Copious sensualize Occam’s razor ripping galvanization

People say you can abuse marijuana. You can abuse cheeseburgers. Does that mean we should close Burger Kings. – Joe Rogan



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