‘So what exactly are white people superior at?’ – YouTube Channel: Cut > Reaction/Rant

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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How can you have so much emotion behind these easily loaded opinions and say all white people think they are superior? Watch the link above to see a bunch of conclusions jumped together in stereotyping all things inside critical race theory, triggered by the question in the above title. Appealing to the lowest denominator, faith restored because of the massive like to dislike ratio. Blaming white supremacy of the past and present for modern ideas, this cut-down video is hard to take seriously.

Blurring the lines in what racism really means, these individuals are the problem, projecting hatred at any angle they can get. Not taking responsibility in the many other factors why some people have this fear that most are objectively bad. Confusing current day progress in the positive, each interviewee brainwashed under their own particular narratives. A form of self-segregation, seeing life through a specific narrow lens which is counterproductive to humanity as a whole.

This widespread alleged oppression encouraged for the sake of virtue signally points that becomes there perspective of reality. Caught up with ego over generations, influencing this intersection political, labelling people bad because they feel it is right. Not seeing all the nuisances that support authenticity by the unbiased observers. I have never seen a person socially or online express such disdain for these communities, only comment on truths/solutions based on statistics and reliable sources.

Anyone these days who implement nazi idealogy and harm people are taken care of by justice agreed upon by both sides. How long further can we allow the extreme left to present their propaganda of partisan and psychological warfare to continue? Anyone who should be using the race card is those overseas with way more authority methods in niche suppression. So far from fundamental causes in the first place, accused of also stealing their culture, isn’t imitation the greatest form of flattery?

Pointless with the majority of two-word answers equaling buzzwords, not doing much for their cause… The end with the 5 out of 100 saying they are not superior should have been the focus of the video. Virtue signally at cringe levels, the bias is the real misinformation. Sick of calling out these contradictory problems self-made, they embrace the chaotic nature of the status quo pushing dystopian concepts out of their comprehension, not aiming for a utopia that indisputable between absolutes and necessities of real growth.



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