Top 10 Directions ‘Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem’ Could Go

A list written by Lee Sonogan

Brainstorming on my fictional poem currently at Part 6, the general layout so far can reach into so much more categories. Part 7 already in the works, what established and development in what next is up for grabs. An Epic Poem from the old greeks can reach up to 50,000 words, at this average It might end up being a 100 parts or even longer. The following list will see how I intend to reach such imitation is flattery and is in no particular order..

1. Alternative worlds and multiverse theory

In part 4 to my memory, I explained a fourth dimension world undescribed but a clear image of the immortal having a copy. Directing plot forward and definitely will be returned to although that state of transporting their required hibernating sleep.

2. Building up from confusion, is it worth sending him back to rock bottom?

Since improvising as I go, I need a lot more to happen first before introduced. Maybe in a chapter that is not officially labelled yet, a foe of some kind could be the particular cause of such despair. Even after all the wisdom, I am giving him, presenting the will to power.

3. What will the blue planet be like?

Implying an early Earth since the first mention of the telescope, can I add my own history in comparison to real-life documentation? Then the question arises in what other planets can I make relevant?

4. Aliens

The immortal is fair alien-like although introducing someone that similar might be a joke in contrast to the overall title. Monologing to him he might think of it or find their technology or something and be inspired somehow.

5. Supernatural/folklore

Fan of Neil Gaiman, I believe there are some short stories in this poem form would be epic under the format. Not too much as Dracula or other public domain rips off can get clique. Regardless, it is something to consider if the flow demands it at that point in time.

6. Gaining superpowers

As the past is a mystery, appearing after the big bang in Part 1 is he god or some sort of Zeus? Omnipresence and getting there is a journey worth explaining but a plot twist near the end. Increased senses and greater resistance maybe…

7. Will he snap?

Already teasing a lot of emotions, can he overcome? Not quite a rock bottom but a personality change from good to evil? Switch the philosophy to ways more dark, gritty and taboo enough to offend more than one person. Murder to be the only living thing in all dimensions?

8. The immortal slowly literally comes human

Not being able to die is what the character is all about, the dramatic turn off events in dealing with mortality is an interesting subject. Eventually accepting death and how to leave a legacy?

9. Time periods/eras

Themed part sized bites of fighting with the Spartans, debates with the Eguagitian god Ra, the Australian drop bear myth. Cultures of different countries have their own niche genres and unique elements to be played more than making up my own alive history. Describing such worlds would stand out in how everything looked and feel anyway.

10. Terraform own planet or utopias

Adding space and politics together is conjunctures full of plenty. Experienced in the two different no-fiction, they are still all-encompassing concepts I enjoy to indulge in.

Not neglecting my top 10 lists at this moment, there is so much use like this to be implemented in the foundation and shared to the public. Listing these ten, I can now commit to ten more current directions to go in. My vocabulary really shines in it and the rabbit hole can only go even deeper.

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