Journal Entry 56# INVADING LUCHA: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL (Coming Soon In 2021) Trailer

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

An update on this graphic novel due to these journal entries being what I want it to be, there are more details to reveal. Sharing such information in this previous post > the next stage in feedback (December) is a go. Looking much better in comparison to the start of November, it is still not a complete piece of work just yet. The trailer is found below or read more about the data thickening with more context.

Estimating between 76-78 pages, I had to split the three-act structure apart because of limited in imported images and various relevant effects. The or coming soon! or promotional teaser features one and a half of those pages in a 20-second motion comic to than reveal the book cover. Showing the rhyming narrator and the main character’s voice-overs that I imagined cold reading while recording. Regarding sound I distinctively had different tones to the vocals, tell me if it sounds weird; although I am confident in the delivery even if the volume needs to be turned up a tad.

Overall making something in the medium is something I want to get better at although not too far close to my time and effort put into writing. Post-production voice edits is a repetitive task but real ease to producing is improvising off the top of my head. Some of my best ideas have come from being the observer and interpreting chemical messages coming in and out. Saying this, next first Thursday of the month, the best time to play the video game Rust; I will challenge myself to simultaneously survive that world while talking to my self. I have done it before and I make it an ability I can fondly do again…

PS – I shard the video on UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS on YouTube and Twitter last night so this is the thrid campaign to promote INVADING LUCHA since I was putting the book cover official releases out on social media and beyond.

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