Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 6)

A poem writtten by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

An epitaph to a normal organism,

Inscriptions were written on every wall.

Rooms sectioned off unstable with schism,

The immortal was having a ball.

At the light of the renaissance.

Pleasure was mixed with labour,

Polygon force that was a drilling response.

Incubating ideas as a part of the decor.

Millions of minutes go by, 

Diary of the immortal is forgotten.

Who, what, when and why,

Indicators of particular caution.

Joy is what I seek,

Oblivion leaks that masked pain.

Social bonds would be nice to critique,

Although power dominance would be so plain.

Eyes of a cat,

It shall be 10 minutes subway.

Animal morph suggestion from the old brain vat,

Walk on four legs and personalities be an array.

Essence of daylight was none,

Years he was underground.

Talking to himself at what he has done,

They were his personal compound.

Deeper the levels went,

There was the heat.

Skin without a dent,

A thin layer of pumice lays at his feet.

Advancements in his telescopic lens,

Forging iron to steel.

In a river sized Thames,

Organised with a big wheel.

Chromium made the material more powerful,

Although limits to the core were becoming out of reach.

Hallucinations were colourful,

Something you cannot unteach.


I need fresher air,

There is more than progress at stake.

Grabbing the most relevant notes,

Also useful provisions on the way.

Inner dialogue repeating anecdotes,

He ignores what they say.

Crystallizing energy itself has rhythmic behaviour,

The mineral in that hibernating dreamscape.

Maybe mining has been a disfavour,

Wielding this time into a different shape?

Eavesdropping on such thoughts,

Hierarchies theoretically can be proven.

Joining up the dots,

Aiming where one is shooting.

Stairs of digits,

Memory dictates what is close.

Rising his dispassioned sprit,

Red dust blows into his nose.

That night sleep came easy to him,

Visions subjectively told him to invest back into space.

Next day was a vocal hymn,

A planet stared back with a boldface.

Red and Blue together make violet,

Inspirational purple prose.

Seemly ultra good in comparison to the scarlet,

Visting sooner or later is something he knows.

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