Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck And Combos: Generaider/LIGHT Monsters Hybrid

How To "Generaide" Advantage | TCGplayer Infinite

Away from these particular duels for a while now, this is one out of two decks I have prepared. Looking to make a token deck, the Generaider’s field card has the chance to provide you with a full field of them. Then crossing into the OCG, there is a hybrid engine of the Souten archetype. Plus more surprises in the offensive and defensive deck.


Utgarda, Generaider Boss Of Delusion X2

Mardel, Generadier Boss Of Light

Frodi, Generaider Boss of Swords

Eldlich The Golden Lord X2

Lightray Daedalus

Galaxy Soldier X3

A-Assualt Core

B-Core Buster

C-Crush Wyvern

Yuubi The Souten Brawler X3

Loptr, Shadow Of The Generaider Bosses X3



Generaiders Boss Stage X3

Instant Fusion

Generaider Boss Loot

Token Sundae

Generaider Boss Quest

Souten Calling X2

Moon Mirror Shield

Messenger Of Peace

Reinforcement Of The Army

Field Barrier

Photon Sanctuary

Foolish Burial



Dark Bribe

Starlight Road

Generaider Boss Fight

Token Stampede

Souten’s Return

Generaider Boss Room



Extra Deck


Jormunganr, Generaider Boss Of Eternity

True King Of All Calamities

Cyber Dragon Nova

Cyber Dragon Infinity

Number 39: Utopia

Number 39: Utopia The Ligtening

Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max

Number 41: Bagooska The Terribly Tired Tapir



ABC-Dragon Buster

Gaia the Souten Brawler

Kongou, Heavenly General Of The Souten

Time Wizard Of Tomorow



Knightmare Pheonix



Stardust Dragon




Main Cards are the Generaider ones offering the most protection with Boss Stage and other relevant protection. Summoning high-level nines, these tones can be used to activate their effects simultaneously. With the right timing, it can also be used with Token Sundae or Token Stampede or even attack at greater numbers. Field Barrier protects it but if out Lightray monster’s effect on field and is null and void.

Speaking of Tokens, the Soutens and Photon Sanctuary offer more to that effect. Souten Calling also summons a full field of tokens while fusion summing a monster where Sundae or Stampede can be used.

Foolish Burial Eldlich or the ABC monsters to summer them back later to greater sucess when needed.

Instant Fusion is the wild card, taking the greatest risk wiping the board to some degree and life points.

Then the drawing strategy and special summoning combos are literally every monster and most of the spells and traps.

Its own video will be shared here by the end of the week. There is 3 wins, one rage quit and the decklist in the editor and there is room to add a tag team duel or other meta win to make it longer.



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