Fact Or Fiction? Declassify Everything! (Governments)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Possing the title’s question, the ultimatum in the people trusting their government is the epic gesture of truth. Within the culture wars of polarized hierarchies influencing conflicting situations, leadership ruling over civilians have an option to share a gift for completely free. With so little new declassified information coming out interpreted as a joke and later forgotten about, where is the demand for real truth and justice? In this following article, I shall be arguing for a fact why this is a good way moving forward in the faith by existing structures we rely on.

With the emergence of intersectional policies pushed by self-segregated groups, dealing promises reeking of telling you what to think; there are bigger pictures to play. While mass-media pushes partisanship, they are just wild cards in the survival of the fittest. Why investigate and gather evidence of justice when sensationalism appeals to the nature of the majority? Instead of Covid being a moment to grasp at claims of unity designed as control, audit history to be peer-reviewed by all!

Hierarchies are inevitable to fuel the most balanced centrist idealogy but do nothing without available veracity done at an even wider public spread. When experts fail, it is because of the ignorance of our bliss towards what the few knew and how we not content in not caring. War crimes are there common threat leaked although there is surely more date regarding such matters that are not a conspiracy at all.

USA declassifies UFOs and no one blinks an eye… So this is a noble request on behalf of humanity, not those who would propaganda it to do their bidding. The Great Reset set is weak and biased when the mechanics can be different. Inspire people to get educated on real wisdom in the open domain, widening critical thinking purpose. Empowering people is important but at the point of the individual rationale first, then peace achieves such offers universally accepted.

Fact or fiction? I hope it becomes a fact!



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