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An article written by Lee Sonogan

China has much to lose from a Joe Biden presidency | Financial Times

As you might already know, I have to be very critical of the president-elect until this point. With still no concete from Donald Trump yet, he is following protocol to step down. That is a point to make if you take these two leaders out of the first world country, the mere process lies more Important than all. I am not gonna argue the evidence of fraud as the truth on that matter still hangs in the air but I shall list out my thoughts of the American future and potential concerns about the status quo.

Executive orders at the federal level can only go so far as the House and the Senate for the states shift in out more power. For the most part, this is fair because most seats are either more whole left or right in idealogy. In my opinion, the democrats are way more arrogant these days within the partisanship and 40 percent of them lean to the most extreme progressive side. Out of these three stages of policies and regulations, they want it blue all sides for their various radical agendas although the Senate right now look to go red.

This will make more centrist decisions being made but more likely business as usual barely delivery on their promises. The overall extra funding will be required to fund his vast and complex goals of equality of outcome to individual race groups. On climate change and desire to join back in with the Paris Agreement is a worthy investment but the amount of billions is questionable. Then his other socialist ideals are ok if executed moderately in the best way possible.

The call for peace and ‘unity’ is a bit hard to take seriously when mainstream media and your campaign was on the attack from the geeko. Internationally successful already, will you similarly use this tactic but not agree to bring troops home plus simultaneously take all those precious resources? Vladimir Putin said both benefits Russia, on the other hand, his comparisons of Biden that it is similar to many Europe counties, for Trump he elaborated for ten minutes respecting the tough but fair system.

More into politics than ever, Joe Biden’s rule might be unexpected and do as good or better than Trump. Trying to be optimistic, at foremost; if he does bad that will usher in a new reign outside the two parties into the logic of fresh independents. The same thing will happen with our news as production value becomes irrelevant. I could dissect this piece further, then again; if you do not understand, you are the uneducated problem.

PS – The video below is different and evenly based then the press conference question I saw referenced in one of the middle paragraphs

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