Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 5)

A poem writtten by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Serotonin, Dopamine,

Endorphin, oxytocin.

Greedy as a swine,

All four are in erosion.

Fermented too far,

Jump-starts dampened.

Fatigue and scar,

Buoys coming abandoned.

Enflame stirs much-needed drive,

Undermined wash out.

Daunting metaphorical hive,

Making a double effort in a drought.

Each spike point as needles,

Recreating strengthen reawaken.

Identifying freedom from evils,

Subconsciously he knew he had to build the beacon.

Eyes moist as the grips opens wide,

Visual senses invigorate.

Empathising with Jekyll and Hyde,

Stimulation took his interest.

Where is my journal again?

I feel the bad kind of numb.

What purpose to pretend?

Honour the new rule of thumb.

Billions of seconds go by,

Code of conduct allowed it so.

Maintenance of the samurai,

Hatching from an encrusted embryo.

Veins pop,

Ailments rise and shine.

Health swaps,

One hundred percent recovery eliminating the rhine.

Journal Entry – Where to begin?

Conjunctures everywhere to look.

Taking it on the chin,

I could write a book.

The gift of the holy mission statement,

That reflection was bold and true.

Visions of adjacent,

Aware to summarize it all in a haiku.

Hotep Sources

Skill ten percent luck,
40 concentrated driven will.
50 makes whole; pain amok

Past symptoms of dependency disappear,

Chemicals project an equilibrium.

Hand on the wheel to steer,

Slowly mastering the study of the bacterium.

Exercise was deadlifts

Cardio was shovelling out pits,

Preparing for the inevitable shifts,

Meaning in something considered an abyss.

Using the telescope became irrelevant,

He knew the source he must reach.

Fusion reactions relevant,

Attached on like a leach.

Hatching from what the wise undergo,

To remembering the name.

Digging required to touch the flow,

Things were to become never the same.

Sweat poured down his neck,

The labour was a difficult challenge.

Playing fresh cards from his deck,

He thought the plan of action was noble and gallant.

Artificial milestones equalled growth,

Mineshafts needed to be mapped.

Mind over the matter under Hippocratic oath,

And natural physics that are tightly compact.


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