Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Sep 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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AEW – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location (Thunder dome)

Main Show

1. singles match

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman (WWE) vs Cody Rhodes with Dustin Rhodes – Winner: Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman (WWE) > Typical suplex city thrown about the ring. A singular good guy combination of moves until the inevitable F-5 that was not kicked out.

2. Tag team match – non-title

Dax Hardwood, Cash Wheeler (FTR) vs Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit (WWE) – Winners: Dax Hardwood, Cash Wheeler (FTR) > Masters of old school styles that is also compelling, by the end AEW were cheering for both. Blending submissions and teases of high flying, nothing was too much or too little. I wanna say something over a 4.5 although that’s enough description to speak for its self.

3. singles match

Bailey (C) (C) vs Ronda Rousey (WWE) – Winner: No contest > Another WWE retort to the invasion, the two heels scrap it out. Only one or two slams each as shortly after the ref calls it but the two still butt heads. Security from back stage drag them apart, Tony Khan tweets that the two will face at No Mercy for the strap.

4. Main Event – singles match

Shawn Micheals is revealed to be the new member of AEW and a defector of WWE. He throws the belt into a incenerator to stick it to Stone Cold and the WWE.

Shawn Micheals vs CM Punk with Joe Rogan – Winner: Shawn Micheals > In a dream match, the competitive nature was solid. More than a few false finishes of stolen finishers from more than each other. Huge springboard Sweet Chin to defeat Punk in a memory contest.

WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main show

Vince McMahon vacant the WWE championship makes the winner of the tournament to be also crowned the new WWE champion.

1. Qualifier for the KOTR tournament – (Non-title) singles match

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mick Foley (C) (AEW) – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin > In a striking exchange Mick overpowers him and clotheslines over the top rope. Babyface come back for Steve stomping a mudhole. Close falls after signatures and a clean win for the former champion. Cutting a promo after, he has not forgotten about old mate Shawn Micheals.

2. Singles match

Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley (AEW) vs Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette – Winner: Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley (AEW) > Based off their original feud backstage and In real life, it was not pretty as kayfabe went out the window and they went into business for themself. Sloppy all over, no slams were attempted. When it gets to the ground, Jericho never stops doing submission locks until the armbar made the bigger man tap out.

3. For the 24/7 championship – singles match

Samoa Joe (C) vs Finn Balor (AEW) – Winner: Finn Balor (C) > Embracing the short amount of time, they technically display their strengths and hid their weaknesses. Each point is done with precision and delicate selling. Back and forth very entertaining near the end and finally three stomps from the top rope to finish off Joe.

4. Main Event – No.1 Contender For The WWE Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Becky Lynch vs Shayna Basler (AEW) – Winner: No Contest > Imagine getting the main event spot and delivering on a 4.5/5 rating match for it to all suddenly change. Highlight to mention is Shayna getting the Rear Naked Choke on the top rope but takes the bump to the floor to still hold it in position. Charlotte Flair causes the match to be thrown out. Jake the Snake comes out to execute order a triple threat match for No Mercy

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