AGAR.IO, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

AGAR IO PLAY is a near-perfect example of cells midst action. In comparison to, it shared similar concepts although this is taking an independent game to the next level. Upping strategy with real-time mechanics, growing in the offensive is ever more satisfying. Overall available for free on all platforms, the delicate balance of those in the leaderboard is fair balanced and much more.

Still relatively new to it, there is a video or two to be made with it or maybe a live stream due to the easily implemented processing. Experiencing some lag, I still highly recommend it because of the amount of replay value it contains. The challenge of getting in the top 10 and the unpredictability of out of nowhere brawls. Moves to be made that are grand in the majestic distribution of control, making something beautiful and of something consistently chang in moving.

Customization of sphericals shot in all directions is wide in collecting if the account is made. Two dimensional at its best, the gameplay would be interesting if it was adapted into the 3-D. Concluding with an interesting point, engagement stimulates the brain in a unique way. Just writing this particular review gives me goosebumps, making me want to be a part of that environment once more!


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