Journal Entry 54# A Rant About ‘The Great Reset’

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Since being a hot topic relevant to change, the World Economic Forum’s vision or hopes in prediction are questionable at best. There is a lot in the 8 items listed above that I disagree with and the rhetoric within its sesspool. Before seeing what my thoughts and feelings are on those blunt list, watch what they are projecting in laymen’s terms. Overall this summarises the agenda of certain unions/organisations intentions that reek of telling you how to think.

In a weak attempt of unity, number one suggests that you will not own anything at all. This sort of mentality of everyone is a victim and others need to take care of you is counterproductive to real growth. They source data to only members of their woke echo chambers. Then they flex being able to deliver with drones when pretty much any is rentable these days if you put time and effort into it. Boldly claim that the U.S won’t be the biggest superpower in a threatening way.

Printing organs is available now and more of a resources issue. Any less meat from factory farms have these benefits but surely investing in more farms can keep demand while being more environmentally friendly. On climate change, first, the main populators of China and India will have to stop first and cheap renewable energy is a must. Elon Musk already has all the plans for commercial Mars.

Then number 8 simply says the negatives have outweighed the positives to western cultures. Globalism is an inevitable way to evolve although as of right now, there is no political party to put 100 percent faith into to run it. And while people demand more, the better outcome is less government. Who knows what will happen if a particular idealist gains the power and then does something that makes you care because it affected you?

Debunking some of these ideas, the loaded questions is not enough for a real-life argument. The utopia civilized city might seem great but it is one of the most complex things to have successful results in. In my opinion, the only way is to stick leaning to the right at the foundation and then ethically and logically accept progressivism in doses but don’t go too far the other way. This is the only reset where the majority does not turn on each other and resort to further segregation.

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