Kill With Kindness Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Kill Them With Kindness – Zen na Hachi

A mild answer turns away rage, but a harsh word stirs up anger – Proverb

In all-encompassing solutions to projecting punching bags, killing them with kindness is a strength that takes upon you and objectively sets the oppressor back. Deliberate and purposeful, it is the peace dealer in escaping the dramatic and the unnecessary personal intention of ego. Overcoming the unproductive into bridges of potential that can and welcomed back. A mentality of a spiritual powerhouse mastering the present of reality, the interesting outcome in the unpredictability generates an overall greater impact in the win/win situation,.

A got an example of a shop owner in Deavon Meadows, a place near I live. Having to visit the general store more because there is no more commercial places in the creek of my home, his a unique character to his customers. Speaking of absolute flattery, the ambitious reeks from his cheeks putting you at the top of the pedestal. The amount of being called ‘brother’ I have received, compliments and time and effort given makes me like this guy even though it is somewhat intimidating to some degree haha

Overall you can’t treat all enemies as evil as most of the negatives come from a kind of miscommunication. Instead of a reactive approach it in a proactive voice or meaning. Much obliged to leaving one to someone’s tender mercies, overcoming equal parties with benevolence. In conclusion, this metaphor is the gift that never stops giving.

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