50 TFS Gaming Videos

A list created by Lee Sonogan

TFS Gaming - YouTube

For gaming commentary quality, the team at TEAM FOUR STAR does a good job as you can expect. For those who have not have heard of them before, they are good at casual entertaining humour/their own particular style. Been around for a long time and a staple in my YouTube subscriptions, the Vegeta and Goku series are solid, old mate Nappa is alright but a bit over the top sometimes. Regardless, the variety of games is large and the content is wholesome, nostalgic and cool!

Really wish they did not stop the DBZ series > but they could randomly come but and come out with a new abridged for anime or something original altogether. Some unrelated, I am hoping my DBZ cards collection of nearly 20 years ago becomes more valuable in a cultural shift this overall franchise needs. Speaking of video games I hope a new DBZ game comes out with more technical combos, unique features and something of mainstream appeal to feature on any YouTubers top priotary.



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