Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 3)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

No thoughts flashing in,

The darkness was calming.

Cleansing-like of sin,

Was moist and warming.

Unconscious state in full effect,

Womb-to-tomb comatose.

A slumber of introspect,

The tunnel was about to engross.

Inert inside repose,

Restoration glowing after previously photonically damaged.

No perspective of a vessel, no lethargic clothes,

This peace is about to vanish,

The dormancy of true sublime.

Something more than the afterlife.

Moving fast within the elapsed time,

Familiar elixirs of a high-pitched fife.

In dreamland taking forty winks,

ZZZ’s were loud out back in reality.

“What next?” I ask the higher than thou sphinx,

Debris spotted floating above the dead sea.

If he could comprehend feeling, the texture turned lukewarm,

Far away from the comfortable sod,

Alternative and experimental landscapes transform,

Definitions were quite abroad.

Stirs make the first interruption,

Primitive at the slightest.

Geo-metrical shapes are not in production,

Twitching of the senses working at the sinus.

Percipient of the observor,

Abrest taste by no current means.

Automatic updates unplugging the matrix server,

Freeing from connections of those dam ego machines.

Conversantence ran on cold blood,

Vigilance attaches to the acquainted.

An underpass bursts because of a flood,

Supraliminal cognizance reacted.

Frameworks of liquid.

Solids of formative design.

On a linear line that drifted,

Forcefully projected light carbine.

Still numbed to reasoning,

Characteristic gallery towards hibernal.

Borehole reflection deepening,

Graphic edges excavate implementation at an open interval.

Heat fought with the frost,

Acumen developed inherently.

Acuteness contra marginal cost,

Penetrating speech therapy!


‘Click of the tongue’


‘Beating sensation in the lung,’.

Later this would be the initial documentation,

Of official plot that thickens.

Magical examples of flotation,

Before the hatching of the chickens.

Frequency piercing in motion,

Bending will-alchemy together.

Animating notions,

Calefaction ardours the tone of the weather.

Delirious in fever,

Humidity swelters.

Seeking the golden retriever,

Ikigai filters out unnecessary feathers.

Pressure threatens molten lava,

Drive polarizing invoked impetus.

Unsure of chaos or a new nirvana,

Nonetheless all hail the omnipotence.

Trusses of the chassis,

Memory of the place on the red planet.

Compulsion of each and every melting splashes,

Diamonds in the rough smashing into the granite.

Flying full-blown into the sun,

The journal of the main character could end here.

Icarus is on the run,

Beaming passivity of the sightseer.

No joke, no scam,

All tension was let go.

Interior dialogue did not spam,

Breaching a gate, intensity requiring quid pro quo.

The threshold of the portal stung the mind,

But guided the lowering draw bridge.

Calculation streamlined

Seemly controlled mission statements went off without a hitch.

Calming darkness before left with the exit,

Pure nonexistence was found.

Expecting a loud tempest,

Conceptual context lingers four dimensionally and unbound.

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