Journal Entry 53# Deliberating On My Mission Statement

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Mission Meaning: Ideal Contents of a Mission Statement

Pondering what my true mission statement is for a while now, it has changed as my goals and effort reflect the bigger picture. Committing to such short lines of words can be an ever-evolving process to end up achieving real authenticity within the identity of operations. Especially in bodies of work similar to what ungroovygords does and what it is going to become. For now, I shall write a tight paragraph on why this collection of variety exists and what I am trying to sell without insulting potential audiences.

Overall this undertaking has been an incubator of the founder’s natural growing talents to develop into something universally sublime. To overcome multiple markets and deliver necessities of thought-provoking elaboration, challenges of the status quo and the ego of reality to a logically balanced centre. Distributing moral inspiration while providing advice straight into the consumer’s hands. Concluding on objective truths, striping lens on perspective into observers of thought, not the other way around.

Never typing out a mission statement for myself before, I believe it hits the nail on the head. It has all the principles that I believe in and subjective enough that there is room for improvement as well. Comment below if questioning what was said is needed. Aiming for something perfect, I know there are flaws in what I produce although I desire to filter that out.


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