Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Aug 4, Week 4) (AEW News/Tap Out)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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Chris Jericho goes on The Joe Rogan Podcast and tries to convince him of also invading WWE with his crew. They got at length and by the end, Joe is considering the proposal.

All other events other media/wrestling events were shut down to extended lockdown regulations, nipping the Covid virus in the butt.

WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. For The Trios Championships – Six Man Tag Match

Mick Foley (C) Pheonix (C) Penta (C) (AEW) vs Undertaker, Abyss, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) – Winners: Mick Foley (C) Pheonix (C) Penta (C) (AEW) > Highlights include Taker and Foley at the start but Mick tag in one of the Lucha’s. A segment of Owens fighting them both because of quick tags in and out. The crowd in attendance popping with Foley and Taker striking each other down. The finish is Lucha Bros knocking Ministry members off the apron from the outside distracting the Deadmen to be caught in the Mandible claw.

2. For The Cruiserweight Championship – singles match (Plus security banning all from ringside)

Richochet (C) vs Matt Jackson (AEW) – Winner: Richochet (C) Blending a fast pace style, Richochet capitalizes when Jackson over sells. When Matt gets a comeback he gloats to the crowd. After a lot of segments, WWE reatains with a massive 630 flip for the 1, 2, 3

3. singles match – (non-title)

Shinsuke Nakamura (C) (AEW) vs The Rock – Winner: The Rock via DQ > Going for over twenty minutes, the back and forth only grew Shnsuke’s frustration. When ref head is turned and big low blow destroyed The Rock. Going for one more time, Shinsuke obviously did not care anymore if he was the winner or the loser.

4. For The Women’s Championship – singles match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Trish Stratus – Winner: Becky Lynch (C) Pulling all the stops including finishers that were kicked out. Becky Lynch was too much for her by bending the arm and making her submit. Then Shayna Basler (AEW) attack her from behind screaming at her, chills out and cockally walks away. For then The Queen comes out with a smile knowing it is time to cash in. She is successful and Charlotte Flair steals the WWE championship.

5. For The Intercontintental Championship – singles match

The Fiend (C) vs Kane with Vince McMahon – Winner: The Fiend (C) > Kane storms to the ring and shoots a lighting ball at Bray while making his grand entrance. Seemly hurt he is dragged back to the ring but kicks out. Then slams him about with typical big guy moves of offensive. The Fiend stops selling and gets his control on the situation. Brawling outside, Vince is caught in the middle on collateral damage. Back in, of course, The Mandible claw and there was no escape.

6. For The WWE Tag Team Championship – tag team match

Big Show (C), Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) vs Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero – Winners: Big Show (C), Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) > Jim cuts a promo saying there supernatural elements are all talk and no bite. Broken Universe entrance and they exchange blows. Davids vs Goliaths, this time the bigger Bois won although the smaller had their moments to shine and appear more relevant for being in such a high profile fight.

7. For The 24/7 Championship – singles match

Chris Jericho (C) with Jon Moxley (AEW) vs Kurt Angle with Sting – Winner: Chris Jericho (C) with Jon Moxley (AEW) Transitions from the ground game to various counters, all signatures were hit. The Main Event Mafia looking mostly more strong, The Inner Circle resorts to cheating. AEW prevails but out of nowhere Samoa Joe comes from under the ring and Muscle Busters Jericho facing him frontwards and quickly steal the championship legally due to the rules.

8. Main Event – For The WWE championship – Hell In A Cell I Quit Match

Shawn Micheals (C) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) The cage lowers and both men look serious in the centre of the ring. Imagine there real-life Wrestlemania main event but with weapons. In the story being told, Stone Cold gets his revenge in making Shawn as the PPV suggests, Tap Out. Cage rises but Shawn grabs the belt, stealing it and runs off before the show off the air.

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