Veracity, an album review (BackWordz)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

(2017) Rap Metal, Metalcore, Nu Metal

BackWordz Share "Veracity" B-Side Track "The Great Equalizer" |

It’s rare to find an artist that is both artistically and intellectually talented, especially to the level Eric July has demonstrated himself to be. This album includes every single released by Backwordz and a few new songs that I would argue set the bar even higher. – Volsmann (Amazon review – 5/5)

Fronted by anti-statist, talented Eric July’s debut album tackles the polarizing issues of our time. Described as ‘All real, no fake’ the passion is bluntly expressed out through lyrics and experimental sound of multiple styles. Linkin Park on crack, you can look past the partisan dialogue and find specific songs to enjoy. A solid post-genre mix of rap/heavy rhythms, I resonate with the positive conservative values and pushed me further into enjoying the style of rap.

Matching the sheer amount of quantity, supplying quality in design, heart and soul really delivery in most areas. Putting all there eggs in one basket might have been just over the level as the bulky album does not get the consistent credit for listening to it all in order. In the tracklist below I totally recommend them but the others fall flat due to sound more of the same. Still respect into the context of originality put into certain parts of interesting flows.


  • Pop It Off (Recommended)
  • Individualism (Recommended)
  • Self Ownership (Recommended)
  • Demon Rat
  • Statism
  • You Are You
  • Tell Me
  • Be Great (Recommended)
  • So to Speak
  • Praxeology
  • The Professional Protester
  • Addict
  • Democracy Sucks (Recommended)
  • Utopias Don’t Exist (Recommended)
  • Let Me Live
  • Snap (Recommended)
  • Statheist (Recommended)
  • Set Us Free

Taking a leaf from other mainstream progressive bands, the appeal is thought-proking nonetheless. For what are great about this, particular songs that were released later really capture their own style. Overall their work speaks for its self also being somewhat educational and philosophical inducing. I will double down by saying they’re underrated to a certain degree but not everything is as great to be honestly fair.


Incredible of styles and genres to make an album with a sound all it’s own that has legit content. – Amazon Customer review (5/5)

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