Journal Entry 52# Graphic Novel Cover Release!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Yesterday I decided to do the official book cover release for this upcoming graphic novel so I have decided to share it again right here in my journal entries for all to see. For those that do not know, INVADING LUCHA was an original short film I made a couple of years ago. Posting this back in September > I can say it is 90% complete!

Finishing Ensnared Syllables, available to pre-order now and will be my personal advertisement found at the bottom of each page from now on, this reimagining of one of my fictions and bigger and better than ever! For example, alongside stills filter into the comic book style, there is exclusive dialogue added on in the form of a new narrator and characters talking in one way or another. Scheduling post-production/feedback for December, expect early in 2021, this stuff shall be discussed once more.

With a lot of pages coming together quite nicely, I want to share some haha. For now, look at my 43rd journal entry to see the 5 images I did share out of around 6000 on the final product. Still, there is a Coming Soon Trailer to be made which could end up showing a page or two in motion with this cover and music edited in. Regardless, this is getting the ball rolling and I am mostly happy with what I have ended up producing anyway!


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