Purposing A New Voting System In A Democracy/Republic

An article written by Lee Sonogan

General election 2019: The voting system explained - BBC News

Note: This article will feature on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE under the book There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (First Draft) done in parts. PS – More political content while the US election is still a hot topic.

The right to vote for your particular choice in leadership is important as well as fair. Question this if you will but is there a big difference between the collective necessities and those who are considered an educated voter? Most people in real life avoid politics altogether because reading a headline is enough for them to make an opinion. Emotional hatred comes next in partisan which is not a valid argument and implements weakness to any system initially designed for the people.

First and foremost, an uneducated voter is what is wrong with the election process. Either tribalism is settled on or just tick boxes willy nilly. The status quo or be a number for an independent and secretly know their balanced thought will not mean squat. The perspective of reality in change that is not necessarily the most objective truth in the lack of real leaders who are business as usual. A competitive nature that overall disenfranchises people in absolute critical thought or interest.

My idea is each and every human wanting to vote needs to put in an extra mile by writing an extensive essay on who and why the policies they want, counts as a vote. Same sorta thing with the official who campaigns for the role of power, an indication test of morality and how whatever relevant importance certain political parties are. Then the two-party system or more (including independents of equal authority) can give verification to the most realistic results.

The purposed concept is an earnt implementation that cuts out all the lost causes. Time-consuming yes, but avoids fraud in originally written stamps of authenticity. Somehow connected in a perfectly working mail-in/online system, for the records of all individuals could be something within the public domain (A collective contribution to culture). Than any transparency can be peer-reviewed in the greatest extent inside and outside previously closed corners.



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