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One of the very few things in this world on which everyone can agree is that capybaras are the friendliest wild animals on Earth. This giant, wild rodent, is usually about four-feet-long, and the average capybara weighs about 150 pounds.

This biggest rodent in the world is one of the chillest animals I have ever seen. Cute and wholesome for many reasons, this potential pet is able to get the stigma out of feral rats and mice. Inspired to go deeper in one pet I wish I could get but currently illegal in Australia, I will try to not mention any details provided in the shared content link.

First is there lifespan is ten years if tamed and living in the right environment. Most wild Capybaras only live around 5 years due to predators and hunting for the type of thick fatty skin. 10 years if domesticated by the right owner. The herbivores are native to South America, I just recently found out that there is a study that rats smile with their ears! I remember my former pet Ratatta doing this more than once…

Also a semi-aquatic creature, sadly I am not fit to own one as they need their own animal friends to be content with life. There are many videos out there suggesting there very intelligent too in doing tricks and so. or simply known as befarmed posts all sorts of stuff as I do. Overall check them out and like this post if you think Capybaras are as cool or more than I do!


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