Real Transparency Is Taking The US Election To The Supreme Court

An article written by Lee Sonogan

US election 2020: Donald Trump's speech fact-checked - BBC News

Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. This definition is being ignored by all partisans with polarization stronger than ever. To become balanced and fair, all should wait and accept the objective information coming out of a well-know voting system known for being corrupt. The electoral college is an antiquated relic that must simply go due to being prone to suss results and further dividing trust from either side or considering what lies in the centre.

Most mainstream media who have already called it including Fox who has recently turned blue only proves the bias out there. The gloating reminds me of the 2016 one and then it switched at the end, shocking emotional foot soldiers to there core. Then they blamed Russian involvement, gaining traction for two recounts and another two rejected. The only way to double down on a winner and accept it is debunking or proving the fiction going around you cannot deny.

Listing them off, you should be concerned if a Democrat and a Republican are both not reviewing each and every vote. Rumoured thrown out ballots of officials there calling out shenanigans. Late points added that are questionable and most weird is dead people voting with some calling it a clerical error. Still, tens of thousands are getting through.

Whatever you may think, the place of law is the best implementation of these claims ending up being true or false. It is a valid process within the constitutions of that nation, it is not an ego thing, but the right thing to do as the last four years were more good than bad. The stability in the silent majority will remain intact and the fear of the radical or the extreme will continue to be loud, signifying nothing.

PS – There is some sort of wide spread fraud in American elections so anyones day/s in court is fair. Remember what happened in the close call between Gore and Bush in the year 2000.


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