An Open Letter To All Terrorists Alive, Dead And Those To Become

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Terrorist 1080p Background : GlobalOffensive

Dear chaos hijacker bringers of the world, individuals or people of all sizes; please just stop… Calling out those who are under the influence of embroilment or taken by misleading partisan beliefs, you are plain wrong if you do not consider all the possibilities. No human situation is simple and justifies mass fear and loathing or worse at the cost of others. An eye for an eye is so far away from the concept of peace, of course, your idealogy is never going to be taken seriously.

In my somewhat faith in God, I have no fear of you. The power that is projected is only a reflection of mob rule in tribalist desperation. Ego ridden actions undermine any empathy of the collective human rights not involved in the cult. Social and economic development is narrow down to those who are the worst of us. Radical or extreme means of any kind are something to completely condemn in my humble opinion.

Overall in human history, there is only been 200 years of absolute harmony on Earth. Concluding my point, this sums up good vs evil and concern for any mortal. Weakness can be overcome and it does not have to be this way, remember the quality of innocence of your early memories and know it as so. I do not want to believe there is lost causes out there so prove me wrong. It is first to fix yourself to then share your will to the world, not the other way around.

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