Journal Entry 51# Musicals Are Not Appropriate In Everything

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Number 51 Meaning

Let me tell ya about musicals… Some are good and some are very bad for more than one reason alone. I should love musicals, It takes music and film, and puts them together. Entirely a flowing rhythm and I get why they exist while musicals that come out of nowhere I do not like. I just wish there were musicals out there tailored to my musical preferences and entertainment desires.

Musicals are traditionally heavily promoted to feature music in some kind of performance. Introducing the cons, the video below is one fine example. I rather enjoyed Bill Nye Saves The World until this song came blaring on. Same as comedies who are known for over the top randomly pulled out cringe tunes. One more reason is in professional wrestling there was one out of nowhere which at to that point was mostly serious.

Loving rhythms, sometimes they are out of line in comparison to everything else. A mood killer that is cringe and lame to the point where you question what you are doing. Unessensle in contrast to the overall body of work, this is what I mean when some scenes fall flat. When the reflection of reality turns into a joke or some sort of personal narrative/statement, are some factors of creators not respecting their audience to the highest degree.

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