Gambits #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Gambit - Jason Pastrana | Gambit marvel, Xmen characters, Marvel comics art

Never trust a narrator whose opening gambit is to insist he’s not mad.” – Sarah Pinborough

Deposit in pain plus pleasure,

A poker chip risking your hand,

Predicting the odds becoming treasure,

Drawing a line across the sand.

Hostage to fortune,

That promissory note in writing,

Organising as a self-taught surgeon,

Waving a cape within all the bullfighting.

Line of action with precision,

Sleight of hand willing to draw,

Playing god under his supervision,

Implementation of bricks, not straw.

Subterfuge under direct incentive,

Skullduggery positives over doubters heads,

Onus purposeful apprehensive,

The course of duty transforms into what threads.

Each book requires a different kind of treatment and structural gambit.” – Colson Whitehead

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