Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck And Combos: A 2020 Burn Deck Challenge

One of my favourite ways to win in this game is to defeat people with uncompetitive decks that take you by surprise. Burn damage is one of those ways to do it and make people rage quit. Testing out this second one, it is more overpowered than the last one not documented on UNGROOVYGORDS (Yet).

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Marshmallon X2


Aroma Jar X3

Dice Jar

Morphing Jar

Secret Sect Druid

Stealth Bird

Self=Destruct Ant

Eater Of Millions




Skill Drain

Wall Of Revealing Light

Starlight Road

Burning Mirror Force X3

Witch’s Strike

Evenly Matched

Coffin Seller


Nightmare Wheel X3




Harpie’s Feather Duster

Monster Reborn


Dark Sanctuary

Messenger Of Peace


Mystic Mine

Moon Mirror Shield

Cauldron Of The Old Man X3

Instant Fusion





Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Time Wizard

Cyber End Dragon X3

Naturia Exerio X6



Relinquished Anima

Knightmare Ceribus X2

Knightmare Phenix X2

Topologic Bomer Dragon



Stardust Dragon




There are no main cards due to all of them being either burn damage, lockdown and overall defensive. Then Cyber Stien, Instant Fusion monsters, Moon Mirror Shield are the ideal offensive cards. Extra are the limited Feather Duster and Raigekai or Knightmare link monster effects.

Risk cards include Cyber Stien and Dice Jar with one summoning a strong monster for the one-turn kill, negate most cards and then Dice Jar is capable of dealing 6000 damage or less. Combo with Cauldron Of The Old Man to regain life points. Than Instant Fusion to summon the ultimate Time Magician or Thousand Eyes Restrict.

Lockdown cards include Mystic Mine, Messenger Of Peace, Skill Drain, and Naturia Exertio if lots of cards are in the graveyard.

Drawing Cards Include Morphing Jar, Metaverse, Terraforming, Red Re-Boot

Defensive cards include Moon Mirror Shield, Dark Sanctuary, Starlight Road, Evenly Match, Witch’s Stike, Wall Of Revealing Light, Stardust Dragon, Nightmare Wheel

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