The Sopranos (Season 1), a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

The Sopranos S1E5: “College” – Colin's Review

Being one of the highest ratings shows on IMDB, my eye has been on this for a while now. Just finishing season one, I am thinking of reviewing each season because it is that good! Even being told that it only gets better, I am so happy to be consuming this for the next couple of weeks. Enter Tony Soprano, one of the best fictional gangster character of all time!

The above link was created in an attempt to get me started and in a way it worked! Resonating feelings from shows like Breaking Bad or something like that, it ticks all boxes. More than the main character, each other mobsters and associates interact in an interesting dynamic including the conflicts. Each scene has not fallen flat for me with interesting choices in plot, music and cinematography.

Favourite summary Highlights:

  • Tony exchanging dialogue with a psychologist
  • References to the time of culture
  • Wholesome family moments with the children/wife
  • Dark comedy mixed with brutality
  • Themed stories in bulky length episodes
  • The art of acting performances!
  • Tony’s mother causing chaos
  • Italian Stereotypes
  • How good everything is established and conjunctions slowly building up
  • Probably much more!

Currently a 9.2/10 on IMDB, I got to level it out for the first 13 episodes. Limiting spoilers for the sake of not ruining any epicness, I highly recommend it for those who love unique drama and crime genres. The next 50 or more episodes might even get a greater recommendation. Even though I have paraphrased a lot of season 1 I like, surely there is a heap more to write about in future reviews.

PS – I have to see the development of Tony becoming more crazy and unstable…


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