A Rant Against Academics Who Are Anti-Smoking

An article written by Lee Sonogan

What Are Philanthropists Doing To Fight The Anti-smoking Battle? | Forbes  India Blog

If you have not been informed yet, the Australian government has a goal to reduce smokers prevalence to 10 percent by 2025. From the current 15 percent although The University of Queensland wants to eradicate the freedom of choice altogether. In there self-proclaimed ‘Endgame’ they intend to destroy the habit that kills one out of seven Australians. All fair and good but as a smoker I have to say what they are talking about in an absolute is going too far if implemented to that degree.

“An effective tobacco endgame strategy should accelerate the decline in smoking prevalence while assisting governments, retailers and people who smoke to transition to a smoke-free society,” – Dr Gartner

For one, the price for a pack of 20 has gone up 1 dollar each year in Victoria which is always surprising when I ask for the cheapest brand. Moving Tabacco to prescriptions or at pharmacies is a heavy measure in comparison to restricting prices, warning labels and extra. Then you can’t blame the nicotine entirely because health is to determine by so many other factors that people tend to neglect anyways. Dementia and Alzheimers is a more deadly killer.

So in conclusion, the regulations would also have economic impacts such as one of the biggest tax earners doubling many other retail necessities. With that logic, all fast-food restaurants should be closed down because they are a slow death. Regardless of you opinion on all this, smoker or non-smoker, maybe 5 percent smokers on average is a good and fair number, declaring this without addressing what the contrast is making me not want to listen to you.



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