Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Aug 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location (Thunder dome)

Main Show

1. For the X division championship – Singles match

MJF with (Unsigned) Warlow vs Will Osprey – Winner: MJF with (Unsigned) Warlow > Masterfully take all advantages as he gets, he manages to keep the speed down to his own level. Applying submission holds he keeps Will grounded mostly. Osprey as the face gets some dives in for comebacks but is dogged and pinned with his finisher.

2. singles match

Bailey (C) with Sasha Banks vs Peyton Royce with Billie Kay (C) – Winner: Bailey with Sasha Banks > Both Sasha (C) and Billie (C) get sent out of ringside by the ref. Tag team champ victory due to a Bailey to Belly counting a mid-air springboard manoeuvre.

3. tag team match

Kazuchika Okada, Jay White (Chaos) vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (Socal Uncensored) – Winners: Kazuchika Okada, Jay White (Chaos) > Working signature tag team moves and well-oiled psychology, Chaos knocks it out of the park within 10 minutes.

4. Main Event- Non-title Singles match

Cain Valesquez (C) with Joe Rogan vs Kenny Omega (C) with Kota Ibushi – Winner: Kenny Omega (C) > The video game champ tests his ability against the former UFC fighter. Still a professional wrestling match, Cain does not sell his strong style. After halfway through Kenny gets offensive in with well places knees. A brawl outside the ring and then back to be caught in a submission. Kota hooks a leg to a rope to make Cain mad. Kenny spins him around and delivers a One Wing Angel.

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Singles Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shane McMahon with Vince McMahon – Winner: Shane McMahon via dq > Pissed from last week, he dominates Shane so much the ref calls it. Then beats up Vince to demand the truth about working with Shawn Micheals (C). Vince keeps saying he does not know what his talking about. Steve gives up and goes backstage.

2. singles match – Non-title

Becky Lynch (C) vs Shayna Basler with Nick and Matt Jackson (AEW) – Winner: Shayna Basler with Nick and Matt Jackson (AEW) > The first sanctioned invasion match from AEW this competitive match goes for twenty minutes. The finish has The Young Bucks pulling a leg for Shayna to lock in the rear-naked chokehold and submit the champ.

3. For The trio tag team championship – six man tag team match

Triple H (C), Randy Ortan, Batista (Evolution) vs Mick Foley, Penta and Pheonix (AEW) – Winners: Mick Foley, (C) Penta and (C) Pheonix (C) > Containing plenty of false finishes and fast pace counters, the heels resort to cheating. Foley leading the direction of attack, a mandible claw after a spike piledriver leaves AEW the new owners of the belt.

4. Main Event – Six Man Tag Team Match (Interpromtional)

Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Finn Balor (The Inner Circle) with Shinsuke Nakamura (AEW) vs Undertaker, Kane, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) – Winners: Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Finn Balor (The Inner Circle) with Shinsuke Nakamura via dq (AEW) > The whole team of AEW come out with Jericho’s squad all wearing the brand. Shinsuke is the only one the stuck around. The Ministry come about to strike at them back and forth. The heel team work together to incapacitate Kane. Worn down and about to lose, the lights come out and back on for a big Sweet Chin Music. Shawn (C) and Taker shake hands as the heavyweight champion flees. Ref calls for a DQ for Stone Cold to appear on a monitor to cut a promo swearing more than just revenge. The show ends with the invading AEW dragging Kevin Owens out into the crowd and who knows where yet.

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