An Open Letter To Facepunch (Rust)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Indie Profile: Facepunch Studios – Creators of Garry's Mod – Nitchigamer

 Dear whoever may read this letter, I love the video game Rust! When anyone speaks of a survival game I always tell them that anything will always fail in comparison to Rust. Racking up nearly 700 hours, I feel it is time to make my suggestions on constructive feedback and a few other pitches. No more praise but down to the nitty-gritty…

For the most part, the last few updates have been really impressive although not as perfect as they could be. But I know those imperfections will be added on in the future (Recycler at the Fishing Villages for one). Plus move Rust to the consoles and cross-platform servers is a must going forward! Maybe an official one grip map moon servers or somehow incorporate a separate smaller server into the main ones?

Off the top of my head ideas:

  • A new tier 3 assault rifle to get a blueprint on,
  • An armoured safe (Storage) double hp than a wall
  • AI battleships, taxis, roaming primitive horsemen, raiding scientists (paratroopers, Roaming Bradly)
  • Safe Zone, Bounty missions, AI escort protection guards, Independent and safe shops for sale
  • Farm/tame/breed animals
  • Rip-off Minecraft by adding gold and diamond to make the ultimate melee weapons
  • New monuments: primitive castle, abandoned amusement park, graveyard
  • Door picks, arrow launcher trap, scouting drone, riot shield,
  • Able to build a support frame to reinforce walls, ceilings on the foundation level increasing their hp?
  • Secret stashes hide basically everywhere (Walls, Stone Rocks, ECT)
  • Plus plenty more concepts if I put more time into it!

In conclusion, check out my Boat Vendor video because I am a content creator! I would love to get paid to play Rust but that is just a pipe dream… Happy playing a full long month wipe atm, everyone there knows this website due to my shop’s broadcast ( that also sells my writing in notes! Overall just glad to create in more ways than one in your wonderful game, response or no reaction, Ungroovygords is a name in your community looking to expand!

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