Journal Entry 49# Official Ensnared Syllables Book – Coming Soon! Trailer

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Slicing and dicing my way into getting the ball rolling, my second ever poem book is so far in post-production, pre-order is soon to follow. Yes, my poetry of the last year will be compiled together for an epic collection! Prepare to see a link under each post in 2021 while knowing that you can find the majority of its contents here on UNGROOVYGORDS. Regardless, the plan to expand in the digital and the physical shall be explained in the next paragraph.

Ensnared Syllables firstly will be longer than Spontaneous Variety due to one haiku to a page reaching between 80 and 60 pages as of right now. Formatting half done, the intro and outro will have some original writing, maybe at least 2-4 exclusive haikus by the time all is said and done. Of course self-publishing again, a local printer has been commited to since the last journal entry which hardcopies will be legally sold to whoever may be interested in buying more than one a time.

Speaking of the trailer below, I was upload last night to my UNGROOVYGORDS Productions YouTube Channel. It includes voice-overs, memes and a no-copyright song made for me by a friend, named Boldeneye. Narrating some haikus to share some of the work, I hope it is engaging and delivers to a certain degree. In conclusion, I am happy how this one out of a few more projects turned out; stay tuned for more journal entries talking about more mass media endeavours I am getting my hands on!

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