Pog/Poggers Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Poggers": Definition, Meaning & Story Behind The Term

Singular words catch on in the strangest of ways… A meme term that has caught many YouTubers attention, it actually originated from the gaming platform known as Twitch. Having context that has a lot of different meanings, this Poggers is the Pepe the Frog version of the PogChamp emote that started it all. Lingo to express surprise, shock or excitement in the chat, everyday people throw it out here and there.

Then changing the acronym of POG to gaming culture, it could stand for ‘play of the game’. Overusing shitposts now makes me think it is a passing trend. Instead of ‘piece of greatness’ it is reduced to a narrative symbol to keep a former famous concept alive. Pronouncing ‘that was poggers’ or anything similar to that somewhat cringes to the ear…

There needs to be at least three syllables or higher in a word to be a synonym for something truly impressive. And Poggers can not compare with the conjunctions under specific words suck as colossal, awe-inspiring, majestic, remarkable, distinguished, prominent, top-notch, marvellous and plenty if more I would choose first. In conclusion, I do not recommend this express to be written or spoken too much out loud…



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