Publically Endorsing Donald Trump Even Though I Am Not An American Citizen

An article written by Lee Sonogan

All of the Actors, Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump for President |  Fortune

Knowing this won’t sit well with a lot of people, Trump is the only one to keep any stability in American against the radical extremist’s weaponizing what is considered politically correct. Comparing the two election party systems, this existing right-leaning group at the federal level has done a lot of things for the growth of the world/ his nation. Empathising freedom of speech from both sides at the moment, the Biden campaign does not seem like it will remain neutral to this degree once if in power. People need to get over the hatred on the orange-haired man and realise he is not actually that bad.

Firstly calling the support Trump has already a cult is a counterproductive way to look at things. Not a group of racists as Donald has condemned them more than once. I have seen so many clips out of context, you really have to put in the time and effort to understand the man’s logic. Jumping to conclusions about this individual is ignorant of the positives. He has helped the black community in more ways than one plus the economy in this COVID-19 crisis has held together. If I had to name one criticism, it would be the late response to the pandemic although surely he is not 100 percent to blame.

Still uneasy in putting this much faith into a politician, the Wikipedia endorsement lists are interesting. There is more on Trump’s than Biden’s that I respect while the other side has many liberal celebrities pandering there own personal narratives. Republic leaning official’s idealogy may push limits sometimes although certain independent people seem really authentic. He may not be the most respectful man but has a lot of content of character.

Known for playing fourth-dimensional chess to get things done, he lost a lot of money getting to the role his in. Trump has four years making important executive orders, Biden as vice-president and other services only passed a limited amount of laws. Overall it is a no brainer who is more capable, not mentioning the decline of Sleepy Joe’s health. Finally, the passion and dispassion of the silent majority is an indicator as well in comparison to everything else and the most unbiased choice.

Trump getting Covid-19 was probably his own fault but I don’t expect everyone to be perfect. Recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize; he is deserving despite such negative feedback. Protests/riots infecting the country has only been 1 out of 20; possible from the counter influence protecting business’s from harm. Regardless, I urge Americans to vote for the man in November so you don’t have to take up local mantles for change. Ensuring equality of opportunity is needed more now to tackle the unemployment rate than developing realist equality of outcome.

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