Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

Making a Dark Magician deck years ago, this is the 2020 upgrade. Inspired by duel links, playing on this program Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is the boss monster you want. Overpowered with multiple effects and defence, this deck is packed with many Dark Magician archetypes that easily fuse with the classic Red-Eyes Black Dragon.


Dark Magician X3

Red-Eyes Black Dragon X3

Magician Of Chaos

Magician Of Dark Illusion X2

Magician’s Rod

Apprentice Illusion Magician

The Black Stone Of Legend

Chocolate Magician Girl

Berry Magician Girl



Dark Magic Attack

Chaos Form

Dark Sanctuary

Advanced Ritual Art

Moon Mirror Shield

Power Of The Guardian

Messenger Of Peace

Dark Magic Curtain

Secret Village Of The Spellcasters

Dark Magic Veil

Red-Eyes Insight

Red-Eyes Fusion X3

Dark Magician Circle X2

Magician’s Left Hand

The Eye Of Timaeus

Ancient Rules




Magician Navigation X2

Eternal Soul





Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon X3

Dark Paladin

Dark Cavalry

Dark Magician The Dragon Knight



Ebon High Magician

Number 11: Big Eye

Ebon Illusion Magician

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon

Macha Phantom Beast Dracossack



Knightmare Cerebus

Knightmare Phoenix

Borrelsword Dragon

Borrelend Dragon



The main combo to summon Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon straight away is just using one Red-Eyes Fusion of three copies. There you can search it with Red-Eyes Insights. Cannot be destroyed or targets by any card effects. Negate an effect once a turn alongside instant destroy a monster and inflict life points simultaneously. Discard extra fusion spells for Magician Souls to draw 2 extra cards. And it can be summoned from the graveyard using Dark Magic Veil or Chocolate Magician Girl.

Second is Magician Of Choas if you draw it with two of the ritual cards. Used for one change, other cards can also be used for Magician Souls. Dark Magician Circle will double the number of cards you shall be able to banish.

Equally second is Ebon Illusion Magician which can summon a Dark Magician from your hand or deck and then normal spellcasters when attack gets to banish a card a turn. Ideally, this card with Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, Magician of Chaos, and/or Dark Magician Circle is your biggest offensive plus defence choices.

Then stall/lockdown cards include Messenger of Peace, Secret Village of The Spell Casters and Magician’s Left Hand. Or Dark Sanctuary, Moon Mirror Shield or Power Of The Guardian.



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