Journal Entry 47# Appreciating Rap And The Beauty Of Patterns

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Mixing two solid article ideas into one journal entry, rap has grown on me to a certain extent. Being fairly harsh of the genre, thinking about it right now, I have more good things to say than bad. Eminem, Die Antwoord. Linkin Park, Gorillaz and more are so different than each other and there hit songs are consistently replay. In the land of post-genre sound, the vocal verbiage is going to stick around for many years to come.

Firstly the stereotype of glorifying the gangster life is not every rapper. Still aggressive and in your face, they are usually message-driven. There in the structure of words, language performed can be as unique as anything else in the music world. You could say they were the innovators in alternative or progressive tunes. That being the most experimental, this factor is very appealing to me.

Then to the lyrics is like any rhyming poem I have ever written. Has got me considering to make my second ever written song and maybe design it perfect to be emphasised on. ( Meaning cold read original lyrics and see what I can engage and deliver on within a post-production. This being one of the voice-over ideas I have in development limbo, stay tuned if I end up liking what is produced.

Overall this rhythm/beat even no copyright or not has so many conjunctions to much more stuff. Diss tracks at sometimes have the art just like any professional wrestling promo. Containing rant vibes mostly, it becomes an example of precisional emotion to resonated against. Makes for an epic soundtrack in the perfect scenes of cinematography.

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