Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (PART 2)

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

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Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (PART 2)

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Pulsing aeons to go,

The immortal knew this for sure,

He was about to grow,

All was a choice between chaos and next to endure.

Filled in the rest of his origins,

Re-reading and re-writing got murky,

Things became apples and oranges,

The liquid extracted from any nutrient lately made him more thirsty.

The red planet was a wasteland,

Muscle memory was the only direction to build,

What was available ever bland,

Sandstorms made him not too thrilled.

Footprints wiped by the wind,

Thoughts and conjunctions aligned,

Stomach instincts that bind,

“What kind of hell did I allow to be signed’?

(Never Give Up) Journal Entry 2#

Coming to a conclusion,

Invoking evolution is a clue,

A god with no delusion?

Why do I think of the messiah complex?

When there is a chance I am infinity plus one,

Need to survey more specs,

Identify any lies that have been spun.

Progression in more than this writing,

The clarity in unfolding my intelligence before I can help anyone else,

Further, memorize each and every sighting,

Determine the measurements of what is true or false.

Greatness is to be had with this gift,

I just need to put in the work,

Embrace the Doppler shift,

Rhapsody in berserk!

This water over the dam,

Yore gave the impression of yesterday.

Halfway resorted as a battering ram,

The atmosphere swept most growth away.

Doubt and fear attached to his meaning,

Fighting it back with mediation,

Days and months weaving,

For now, he will have to once more ration.

Space more active but no cigar,

The cold glass did not give him hope anymore,

Exploring most of the hot surface allure,

He considered digging to the core,

“Haha, merging with that would kill me.”

He joked but sorta serious,

“This is really crappy”.

With a head-spinning and delirious.

Spirituality is a teacher,

Maybe all I need is a long hibernating rest?

Faith in the all-mighty healer,

Safe in my own self-made hornet’s nest.

Scalped bottles and plates,

Leftover in every nook and cranny,

No more hunger pain debates,

A shadow of death in his particular valley.

Aliens to eat within microbisms,

Plantation ripped from its soil

See you later amateer hydro systems,

Beads of sweat lest he toil.

Thinking about it made him yawn,

Lucid dreaming was pondered,

Closing his eyes to dwell on,

Free from sensation shall not be squandered.

Noticing a hard breath of in and out,

He imagined what the inside will tell,

Sleeping so long has to encourage something to sprout,

The magic deep under the influence of a spell.

Knocked the fuck out,

Them z’s turn to a dreamscape,

3 Dimesnional pathways thrash about,

Energy walls begin to strip and undrape.

Part 3 coming soon!


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