Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Jul 4, Week 4) (All Out/Summerslam)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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All Out – AEW AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location (Thunder dome)


1. For X Division Championship – Ulitmate X MAtch

Christopher Daniels (C) vs Scorpio Sky vs Adam Hangman Page vs Kenny Omega (C) vs Robbie Eagles vs MJF with Warlow – Winner: MJF (C) with Warlow > The rope lowers from the ceiling as pillars surrounding the ring rise. They all climb and many fall to fights breaking out above the ring. Sky lands a Cutter to Kenny Omega. A spot where Daniels alone climbs a pillar and three others get caught with a moonsault. MJF baits people to Warlow and he beats them up. The final segment is Daniels and MJF fighting at the top and others distracted. The champ holds on but a rake to the eyes and a low blow was too much. MJF wins with Warlow now below willing to catch him.

2. For The Japanese Championship – Fatal Four Way – (No ring count)

Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada vs Tomoguri Ishii – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura (C) > Retaining his belt, the three other competitors team up on him. They use there strong style signatures/counters to attempt pins. Okada and Ishii fight up to the stage and dive of it. Shin and Tanahashi go one on one for around 5minutes for Shin to get the final blow.

3. For The Women’s Interpromtional tag team championships – tag team match

Sasha Banks (C) Bailey (C) vs Trish Stratus (WWE) and Lita (WWE) – Winners: Sasha Banks (C) Bailey (C) > For the first inter-promotional battle of the night, the ladies go 15 minutes. There they implement a competitive match being mostly back and forth. It was not until the home brand team accidentally cheats and Bailey smiles about it. A combination of there finishers and the female legends are done for.

4. For The AEW Tag Team Championship – tag team match open challenge

Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe (Briscoe Brothers) – Winners: Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) > FTR cut a promo willing to face anyone due to no no.1 contenders. The Briscoe Brothers charge in for a forceful brawl and impact. As time expanded they were wrestled down and eventually taken out by a spike piledriver.

5. For The Interpromtional Trios Championship – Six-man tag team match

Triple H (WWE), Randy Ortan (WWE), Batista (WWE) with Ric Flair (WWE) (Evolution) vs Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes (Unsigned) Booker T – Winners: Triple H (WWE), Randy Ortan (WWE), Batista (WWE) with Ric Flair (WWE) (Evolution) > Boos from the virtual crowd, Evolution with stride take there time. The Rhodes enter together and point to the screen indicating the arrival of Booker T. He does a spinarooni on the stage front. Bell rings and the AEW six-man take advantage with quick tags in and out. Highlight in match was Cody bringing in a sledgehammer but RKOed out of nowhere.

6. For The TNT championship – Singles match

PAC (C) vs RVD – Winner: PAC (C) Very fast pace, the two-man use the top turnbuckle and middle rope for many manoeuvres. Even RVD lands a springboard Five Star Frog to the outside of the ring. With the champ’s endurance still burning lightly, the exchanges lead to both tipped up at the top of one of the corners. RVD is knocked off and bam! a Black Arrow.

7. Main Event – For The AEW Heavyweight championship – UFC/MMA contest (5 rounds)

Cain Valesquez (C) with Joe Rogan Vs Chris Jericho – Winner: Cain Valesquez (C) with Joe Rogan > Bombs thrown in the early round indicate more realness that is obvious. Jericho keeps a lot of distance, getting points to reach the end. Few key moments allows for the former MMA star to land jabbing combinations. In the third round was a takedown and took almost the entire time to fight his way out of it within different grounded stances and submission attempts. Number 4, Jericho is lucky in landing elbows and right hooks. Finally, in five both look drained and it could be anyone’s victory. Both going for the knockout, the defence is also very strong. Bell rings of the 5 rounder and Jericho keeps going to knock him down. Ref drags him off to calculate some scores. Cain retains with a decent lead in stikes and key submission points.

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Non-title Champion vs Champion – singles match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Billie Kay (WWE) (C) – Winner: Becky Lynch (C) A feud with some history now, the girls go for 20 minutes in this opener. Without describing any more details, it was a performance worthy of a champion fair and clean. Both shake hands at the conclusion.

2. For The Cruiserweight Championship – singles match

Richochet (C) vs Rey Mysterio – Winner: Richochet (C) > Matching Rey’s Lucha with innovative technique, Richochet did not allow the former champ to get back his strap.

3. For The 24/7 Championship- Singles Match

Sting (C) with Samoa Joe vs Shane McMahon with Vince McMahon – Winner: Sting (C) Sting and Samoa Joe Laugh at the McMahons. Shane get a moment to shine with a Shooting Star Press and the worst punches ever. The longtime champ locks in Scropiona Death lock to win via submission.

4. For The WWE Tag Team Championship – Three-Way Tag team

Big Show (C), Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) vs Abyss, Kevin Owens vs Undertaker, Kane (The Brothers OF Destruction) – Winners: Big Show (C). Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) Odds stacked up to Jim’s Collectables, the focus was on The Big Show. Picking up the slack after a hot tag which seemed like ages, it was Spear city. Taker stops Goldberg in his tracks with a Tombstone from mid-air. Big Show recovered, begging for his comeback, Owen’s mistake allows that to happen. Distraction from Jim and Goldberg 5 minutes later, a Giant Chockslam defeats Abyss.

5. For The INtercontinital Championship – Triple Threat

The Fiend (C) vs Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs The Rock – Winner: The Fiend (C) Starting the triple thread, the lights go out for the supernatural one to teleport just outside the ring and wave when the lights returned. Lesnar and Rock look at each other and chase him down. Double-teaming him, it only made him stronger. Landing finishers they only had 2 counts until The Fiend keep doing moves simultaneously and a final Mandible Claw on The Rock to retain and then disappear within the darkness.

6. MAIN EVENT – Non-Tittle – Unsanctioned match

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Shawn Micheals – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) > Building for weeks and the drive-by, revenge was told in this story. Stomping a mudhole into Shawn’s ass, the champ goes to introduce the first weapon of choice. Wrapping a steel chain around his fist, Shawn flees to turn back and a Sweet Chin to the Jaw. Dragging to backstage they go throw some carefully placed tables. A miss of a giant container on wheels being slammed into the opponent. Trashing Vince McMahon’s personal locker room and back to the ring. Another ten minutes until Shawn bring in the MITB briefcase to get a Stone Cold Stunner out of nowhere and pinned for the 1, 2, 3. Livid Shawn rolls to the bell keeper and demands to activate the contract. This hypes up the limited crowd as Stone Cold holds a steel chair. Quickly rolling in and grabbing the ref, Steve resists. Then the ref is pushed into him and Boom! A massive Sweet Chin! 1… 2.. 3. Boos rain down as the cheater dethrones the longest and only record holder of the WWE championship until right now. Shawn (C) celebrates somewhere in the distance until the screen fades out.

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