Journal Entry 46# 1600th Published Post!!!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Building all this meaning and purpose for myself; I am satisfied with having something that not everyone has! Surely Ungroovygords is not perfect and I tend to at least make some easily made changes (Human error or autocorrect). Still, this writing experience has pushed me forward in being too much inspired more than I can put time and effort into. Motivation to scratch the surface of real education and the aim of producing something original. And even though I get low comments, the traffic reaching into this domain is more than enough for external value.

Continuing the tradition of every 100 posts, blog update; there are always more ideas for the future. Some are already here but more remains unfinished. For that sake, I will be taking a break from the blogging grind to work on those particular larger projects. Such as three books very close to the post-production process. Still, the following list is either a draft or something in mind to be written about…

Potential future UNGROOVYGORDS content:

  • A rant about slander websites
  • Dog Whistle Explained (Politics)
  • Top 10 Originally Made Voice-Over Videos In Development Limbo
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas Quotes
  • Smoke and Mirrors, a book review
  • The Plague, a book review
  • Top 10 Famous People Who Lack Digital Copies Of There Quotes Online
  • World War Z, a movie review
  • Dire Straits #Haiku #Poetry
  • Top 10 Easy To Build Rust Bases
  • Ungroovygords Music Playlist: 17 (Movie Soundtrack Edition)
  • Out of 195 other drafts…

Taking a new approach I feel like my average piece is getting more different than the last though. Overall, my 2020 has been productive in goals although not ahead of what was planned. For example, I said I would read 12 books this year and I have done only half to my memory. Nonetheless, I predict getting to 1700 published posts in December or the first month of 2021. Beating that guess would be impressive as well…

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