The Project Blames Muck Up Day List On Masculinity

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Viewpoint: New psychological guidelines targeting toxic masculinity are  'profoundly anti-male' | Genetic Literacy Project

I remember when The Project started because it was the shift that caused me to avoid Australian television altogether. Making biased/narrative stories like this is cringe and sensationalism. Muck Up day in Australian is a commonplace event after year 12 where the students blow off some steam. Maybe the only leeway young people get in freedom in under school hours. In this case, there was a scavenger hunt with taboo tasks although the majority did not do what was listed.

There at a private male-only school in bullet points where ideas such as have sex with a woman over 80kg or rip a head off a bird. Surely those amongst more were intended as jokes which were overreacted too. Then they ranted about the very nature of men in the most subjective way possible. The objective way to look at it is most teenagers are fucked up in their own way.

I remember my Muck Up Day everyone was scared to do anything due to the history of what other stupid kids did in the past years. We had a drink that night and stole one item from the school, and to my knowledge, no one found out. Or even noticed anything… Most of could drive and would get in trouble if we went down the street to pick up something to eat…. My public or standardized school systems do nothing to teach us to be responsible adults or motivate them to be a spiritual powerhouse in something more productive.

Overall The Project is lazy and jumps to all sorts of conclusions. I bet they don’t do debates because in real life these people cannot handle someone who has a slightly different opinion. A lot of teachers have mental break downs and become negative influences themself, attempting to keep control. Not considered fit to educate is something concerning also is a part of it all. Instead of the young adult prisons, teach critical thinking within the complexity and maybe then the current generation won’t be snowflakes in the bigger world outside those walls.

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