Daredevil, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

54min (2015-2018) Action, Crime, Drama

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I was gutted when Daredevil was cancelled. Easily the best super-hero show on TV. Let’s not give up on Red yet. #SaveDaredevil – grahamcstrouse (IMDB – 10/10, Daredevil won’t stay down and neither will we)

Meaning to do this review for a while now since there shall be no more episodes, Daredevil by far is the best superhero show you shall find on Netflix at this very moment. This original entails the infamous Marvel hero, more dark and gritty than ever. Matt Murdock who is an epic blind lawyer fights the crime of New York is not as simply ways. Engaging and delivering in almost every area, I can already highly recommended it in the genres previously put down.

Firstly with nearly an hour for each episode out of 39, do not let that threaten you; A friend I suggest to consume put it off for ages and then loved it in the binge-watch. For the first season, there are more Lawler scenes that can even rival the show Better Call Saul. Tension builds and in and outside there firm, the plot does not stop thickening due to many wonderful characters to be introduced.

Everyone in this story has a terrific portrayal in there particular roles such as the actor Charlie Cox playing the protagonist, the man who plays Wilson Fisk is one of the best villains of all time! Dialogue is fitting to the atmosphere that draws you in and even filters in some jokes necessary to lighten the mood. Then sound and cinematography was absolute perfection!

Sad that the show was cancelled, the last season was regarded to too good being the reason is crazy. Excited to see his return in future projects, people have gone so far to call it a masterpiece. Spawning multiple spin-offs, crossovers and a cult following, you cannot deny my rating if you have seen it all yourself already. In conclusion, from start to end, the development never falls flat!


Zero CGI, great fighting scenes and choreography, amazing performance by Charlie Cox and finally a normal powered villian with a really nice motivation. Marvel cancelled this beauty to produce trash movies like Captain Marvel. Well done. – Iazaros-38024 (IMDB – 10/10)



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