Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (PART 1)

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Note: Contemplating this particular piece of fiction for a long time now, enjoy my first Epic Poem that shall be created in parts!

(Origins) Journal Entry 1#

The big bang was not a theory.

Life has begun,,

I was the first and weary.

“How do I know how to think so coherently?”

Was the first thought of the universe.

Next laughing at the immortal hilarity,

Filling in the next blank verse.

A conscience to feel a soul in this body,

A rush of emotions took over.

I knew all of this was not godly,

Uncertainty was still leftover.

More than just a mortal,

The air of space had no effect.

Have I just gone through a portal?

Isn’t this a human disconnect?

My vessel was of a person,

Although the term and shape came from muscle memory.

Twitching, floating with the debris was to worsen,

Becoming my fate for the next century.

The paper-like substance is pushed away from the desk,

A centre character leans back on his chair.

Skin uncleaned and grotesque,

100 years old that day; documenting in his lair.

Let’s skip the hunger and panic part,

A red planet saved my mind.

Consuming nutrients at first was smart,

Limited to resources, I learnt where I was blind.

Terms like construction came first,

Years digging out a home.

Science came out of nowhere in a burst,

Leaving symbols locating next to roam.

Years of being creative,

The room was filled with man-made tech,

The lone native,

Was about to cash his check.

100 years to the day,

An observation was about to pay off.

Within the black & white was some grey,

Healthy but with a cough.

That day when the water was found,

word that seems fitting for it,

Finding meaning and purpose profound.

My spirit cannot quit.

Hope seemly was off this planet,

or was that just a pipe dream?

Making progress out of habit,

Is something worthy to deem?

Wait, I missing important parts,”

Oh well, got more written entries to do,

Then what he was waiting for starts,

An event horizon was about to anew.

Eye to a fine telescope,

One of his pride and joy.

Wanting to rinse his eyes with soap,

Comets hit a planet of potental seeking to destroy.

The sphere seemed alright in the end,

More relevant projects to work on.

Thinking of making an imaginary friend…

His ego followed any idea that was drawn upon.


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