Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Is Growing On Me

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Two years ago I reviewed this free video game and was fairly harsh (https://ungroovygords.com/2018/01/03/yu-gi-oh-duel-links-a-video-game-review/). A few hundred hours later and I am still plating it in more ways than one. Playing more than the other program where you can duel people online with all the cards, the competitive nature playing this online is as fun or even better. Rating it a 4.6/10 in that link above, I gotta say it is at least a 6 out of ten right now.

Biased against the more simplified gameplay format, having fewer life points and cards make older classic cards more relevant. With the recent update adding in XYZ monsters, it seems less broken in compared to players dominating with two-digit combos in a row (special summoning boss monsters left, right and centre). Making decks from not modern series brings me back to all the other nostalgic playing where you have to earn each and every one.

At first, I kept consuming because I was close to getting all the Steam achievements for it; now I am tempted to make some videos out of it and maybe one day reach the King Of Games rank. Overall at first, it is repetitive and boring for a more experienced dueler although once you get enough solid archetypes or interesting decks it gets slowly but surely more satisfying. Even the feature of player effects you can collect that I rarely use is something to look into if I want to get better. The freemium game in my opinion is one of the best if you put the time and effort into it.

In conclusion, this strategy turn-based contest and is good regardless of the paywall due to the automatic duel feature to make you level up fast. Stay tuned as I try to keep a little bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! content on this website and different places!



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