Journal Entry 45# Imbue In Psychology?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Out of the two Majors, I am going to invest in one of these days online, psychology is a close second. Other than writing/journalism, the study of the mind contains a lot of related work that I have put into fiction. Personalising my blog posts in opinions or creative framework; emphasising my psyche and subjective different mentalities. Getting that piece of paper over the right amount of time is the next step working with real people and providing my current and then expertise.

I cannot believe in year 12 that I swapped out of the psych class for accounting now due to how deep and fascinating it can really go. Consuming more videos from this link made yesterday, there is so much exiting outside of the box thinking that could be put to use. With a common interpretation of counsellors being referred to as anti-depressant dispensers/ initial panic listeners, depending on their history the coherence behaviour theory is a concept I understand all too much.

Jordan Peterson is another name worth mentioning because his book 12 Rules For Life I listened to packed full of inclinations of how the brain truly works. From the view of someone’s ego in comparison to the ego, you can escentually identify the rationale positives and negatives in any thought. And the very nature of thoughts itself is an interesting topic by itself. From philosophers already researched to provoking famous experiment that I have heard off, I desire more.

Concluding this particular journal entry, there is too much to do! Not necessary being a bad thing, speculating on these concepts is one step closer to building something greater than itself. That very message is what I do plus always ends up being an overall sharing moment that I can teach. The virtue of giving back to a greater extent will make me truly complete…


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