Ali G Indahouse, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee sonogan

1hr25mins (2002) Comedy

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Simple and effective Baron Cohen revels in his environment, the ridiculousness is on full blast and it’s absolutely hilarious. Despite the far fetched nature everything seems grounded and quite believable and the comedy lands completely. Not his best work but certainly a high standard – thomasjay-2201 (IMDB – 7/10)

The movie that got Sacha Baron Cohen to America! Over the top and a guilty pleasure for many, it has aged online to a certain degree. Nonetheless, with Borat 2 coming out soon ( this film has some key memorable moments in my opinion. Even though the main character gas a lot of illusions of grandeur glorifying the culture of the gangster world.

In some corners innovative for its time, blurring the lines of scenes that have got to have influenced many of modern times. Making 25.9 million at the box office with only a 7 million budget, you could say it had a solid amount of success. The story is convoluted although the was the design as intended in comparison to the star’s more recent/similar driven features. Overall the satirist of all trades not afraid to create raw humour and attack anything considered taboo.

Has not watched this for years, back in the day I reviewed it many times over. Still, I believe I can provide an adequate rating most people will be happy with. Still containing value as a cult following, I understand why some use the words cliche or tedious to describe it. Regardless I recommend it if any of the two videos below give you some interest. Other than that it is also a stoner film choice to pick from a scarcity in that genre.

Got to be one of the funniest films. Don’t take the film serious or expect some intelligent humor, its just pure goofy moments ,but hilarious nonetheless. A classic in my opinion. – hobbahobba (IMDB – 10/10)


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