Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Jul 4, Week 4)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Ten person intergender Tag Team Match

The Rock, Tish Stratus, Lita, Rey Mysterio, Goldberg (C) vs Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Becky Lynch (C). Charlotte Flair, Richochet (C), Kane – Winners: The Rock, Trish Stratus, Lita, Rey Mysterio, Goldberg (C) > Under the rules of the simulated results the first team won. All respectful rivalries are hype up before the PPV. Highlights include the lights going off and The Rock and Brock Lesnar going missing to Paul Heyman’s confusion. And a Goldberg Spear fest to everyone else including the women.

2. Singles match

Big Show (C) with Jim Cornette vs Undertaker with Vince McMahon – Winner: Undertaker with Vince McMahon > They begin with a test of strength but Show was too strong and was about to overpower him. Vince distracts the ref causing show to stop to be like what da hell? The babyface gets beat down to create heat to the moment where Big Show gets a comeback. At the final act Show goes for Chokeslamed but reversed and flipped upside down for a Tombstone. Spiked using superhuman strength, it was enough for the 1, 2, 3.

3. Main event – For the 24/7 champion – Singles match

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Sting (C) with Samoa Joe – Winner: No Contest The entire MAIN EVENT MAFIA comes out with Sting but Samoa Joe is the only one that lingers ringside. Two legends collide and go for 15 minutes as fast as the pace could go. Flash finishes and signatures all used until… Shawn hits Steve on the back of the head to cause a DQ. Cashes in his briefcase and Sweet Chins Steve twice before personally breaking his winning streak. And the new WWE champion beats Stone Cold down and yells see you at SummerSlam

AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location (Thunder dome)

Main Show

1. Handicap match

RVD, Sabu (Team Extreme) vs Pac (C) – Winners: RVD, Sabu > PAC (C) on Twitter says he can beat both of Team Extreme, so Tony Khan books it. PAC (C) is in control at the beginning but is worn down and eventually taken out by a coast to coast dropkick/moonsault and unison for the win.

2. Six MAn Tag team match

Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky (Socal Uncensored) Kenny Omega (C) with Kazarian vs MJF, Adam Hangman Page, Robbie Eagles with Jay White and Warlow – Winners: MJF, Adam Hangman Page, Robbie Eagles with Jay White > Randomly sorted into teams of three, the X Division competitors face-off with MJF leading the winning team. Of course, the more heel team uses managers to cheater when they can! Anyone looks like they can win at the ALL OUT first-time match!

3. Interpromotional singles match – non title (Allies banned from ringside)

Billie Kay (C) vs Trish Stratus (WWE) – Winner: Trish Stratus (WWE) > Becky Lynch (C) doing commentary for the match. Looking evenly matched until outside and they bump over the announcer table. Continuing back in the ring, out of nowhere Becky rises her tittle outside the ring. Enough distraction to get hit by a Stratusfaction and pinned. Becky gets the mic and challenges Billie to a non-title champ vs champ match at Summerslam. Billie accepts as Peyton comes out to join her.

4. MAin event – MMA/UFC Contest – 5 rounds

Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley vs CM Punk with Joe Rogan – Winner: Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley > A guarantee 5 rounder with both fighters busted up and facial spots swelling. A spot where Jericho gets the Walls but Punk rolls out of it. Organising up scores, Jericho manages to get just enough points more to be declared the winner, looking strong going into his rematch for the AEW Heavyweight championship.

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