Journal Entry 44# What Video Games Are You Content With (100 Hours Plus)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Pondering the question of what games I could end up playing for the rest of my life; I will defend my opinions of them against anyone! For the amount of time I have played I have earned some gamer clout to a certain degree to at least make an argument for it. Just taking a position against something because your sick of the genre/sub-genres or initial hours did not lead to your expectations is wasted opportunity. Different than nostalgia or predicting experiences ahead, I’d much rather stick with games with unlimited replay value than giving attention to new ones with visual gimmicks.

I contain some bias because I record most I play myself in attempt to gather cool footage to be mixed together. Nonetheless, the tech behind the action regardless of what it may be is contra to the pure passion behind an overall body of work. For video games, the holy grail is the online aspects to always be massively multiplayer and challenged by more than real-life opponents. With a little imagination and thinking outside the box, by no time you shall be able to have over 100 hours logged in within pre-existing worlds.

Concluding theses thoughts and feelings, and the overall point is don’t try to destroy what people love to do in anything. Over 100 hours is a milestone in not being a noob and time well spend over people who can’t stomach the time to get there. Regardless, matching wits is one thing, condemning a piece of entertainment due to rage quit or a negative mentality is a result of taking in enough good with the bad. Integrating my state of being with a simulation, the satisfaction of knowing what I have and where I am is beneficial for more ways than one.

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