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It’s almost trite to talk about how the original plans for Australia’s National Broadband Network didn’t quite work out the way it was intended, and there’s also not all that much argument that the NBN we’ve wound up with in 2020 isn’t exactly world class. While some premises enjoy blazing fast gigabit speeds, most don’t; with a hodge-podge of aging copper, wireless, satellite and fibre, there was no way we’d end up with universal gigabit-capable connections this year.

Australia is known for having terrible internet, so is this good news? It started with former prime minister Kevin Rudd investing all the way back in 2009. Then seemly was stagnant in comparison to this tech being used around the world. Downgraded to limited areas and speed to manage it, we now are doubling down on a plan that could mean eventual higher payment for the assessability.

This digital infrastructure now will grow by over $30 billion, reaching more homes in regional and the cites. With 1 gigabit per second by 2023, the rates for payment are still in questions and will depend on the areas the fibre/node footprint currently lays. Some people have already paid up to five digits where now in 2020 two million homes more are eligible for a free upgrade. I am grateful that where I live has enough rich people where I was able to organise the current NBN fairly easy!

In conclusion, thank you Ausdroid for the even more details that I did not paraphrase here. I followed on WordPress to keep up with all your technology-related content that could possibly inspire me in the future. Surely more information on this subject and due to come up in the future outside COVID-19 times. In conclusion, there has been wasted opportunity but still is an ambitious project to be able to fund many other necessary assets for all of Australia to use!



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