South Park, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

22mins (1997-2019) Animation, Comedy

Matt Stone and Trey Parker Spill the Secret to Keeping South Park Cool |  Vanity Fair

If simpsons was considered “dirty” at its time then southpark takes it and cranks it to 11. The shows got a great satirical humour thats not afraid to attack controversial subjects. – fraserkieran (IMDB, Simpsons X10 – 10/10)

Adult animation with the creators being masters of current cultural satire. Writing a decent amount already about South Park, this review is about left as for now. Due to the next season coming out in ten days and tackling COVID-19, there is a lot of hype as well. Enjoying season 23 quite a lot, this year’s break must be more prepared for than usual. In those ten previous episodes I covered them in recaps through this link and 9 others if you read it backwards>

From the history of a debut at 1997 to over 300 in modern times, there is at least one hundred classics in my humble opinion. Even their first movie is some underrated and very memorable, early in their career. Controversial again left political leaning people, it throws all humans and concepts under the bus for our entertainment. The Australian tv channel SBS just recently cancelled showing it on its platform in over a decade.

Parody, brutality and engaging delivery inflow, it is almost a perfect body of working humour. Changing over time as the creators resonated more with the parents than the children, rewatch value is there right in the centre. Bottom line is you shall either love it or hate it; overall depends if can apparate the references to the current trends it portrayed. Of course, highly recommended although some episodes are definitely better than others.


PS – I think I have shared that video before but it is from SBS…

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